Advisory Services 

 The Knowledge Institute’s Advisory Services are divided into two, career and academic. We provide custom, relevant and comprehensive information for Swazi scholars, that will assist excelling students advance their academic and career ambitions. Our schools chapters provide training for experiential learning in civic, financial and academic literacy.


Partnerships › 

Although physically based in Swaziland, The Knowledge Institute's network is global. True to our core value of "global fluency" we welcome mutually beneficial collaborations and partnerships with organizations and individuals from around the world, particularly in the following: software development, curriculum development, recruiting and general capacity building. 



The Knowledge Institute is a hub of research on education and related youth issues in Swaziland and Africa. We focus broadly on economic development, technology, political inclusion, entrepreneurship, and other areas as they relate to the youth. In addition to advocacy, we provide insights and recommendations for policy and other decision makers. 


Merit Awards  

The Knowledge Institute will recognize excelling students, and further provide information to our scholars that will broaden their options and opportunities. This information will primarily be: scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate study; fellowships for developing specific talents and leadership potential, and events for broadening awareness and increasing global fluency